You may be thinking of bringing a puppy into your home and want to make sure that your partnership starts off in the right way, or your canine companion has started to display unwanted/difficult/unacceptable behaviour and you don’t understand why. Rescue dogs often present with tormented behaviour, the reason for which we can only imagine, and we often over-compensate in the belief that showering them with love will conquer everything. 


Whatever your reason for contacting me, I will be happy to discuss your requirements in an initial phone conversation or email exchange.


I aim to work with the owner to impart an understanding of the background to canine behaviour and what has led to the breakdown in communication with their own dog.


Together we can then form an action plan to correct the issues that have arisen. One consultation is usually sufficient and included in the cost is a lifetime’s telephone backup should further advice or assistance be needed. If in the unlikely event you require a further home visit, it can be arranged at an hourly rate although most queries can be resolved in a phone call.  

1-2-1 consultation with clients in their own homes.

Consultations are conducted in your own home as this is where both you and your pet are most comfortable. It consists of 1 session that can last anywhere from 2 – 4 hours and will address any issues that you highlight together with an explanation of why they have arisen in the first place.


I will fully explain the interaction within a pack situation, (which is what your dog instinctively believes it is part of), and give you the knowledge to guide your dog to the position it should occupy within your family group. With correct communication, lots of patience and a consistent approach, the result will be a peaceful and pleasurable co-existence.


As some of the problems that arise are inadvertently caused by the dog and its humans being unable to understand the other’s signals and ‘language’, I invite all interested family members to join in, to ensure that everyone understands the background and is able to deliver the messages going forward.



Consultation fee is  £185.00 within a 15-mile radius of BB8 8PF.
Outside of that area there is a travelling charge of 45 pence per mile.


The consultation includes a follow up call and a lifetime’s telephone backup offering support and advice if needed.


In the unlikely event that a further home visit is requested this would be based on an hourly rate of £40 and travelling expenses as above.