Hello! My name is Anthea Day and I am a UK Dog Listener situated in Lancashire.


I believe that our lives with our canine companions should be based on understanding, trust, and respect from both sides. This should be achieved by kindness, consistency and patience.  There is no place in my interaction with dogs for the use of force, harsh discipline, or gadgets of control. I have always been passionate about animals and over time have taken in many rescue dogs who have remained in my care throughout their lives. They have arrived with a variety of problems both physical and behavioural, all presenting with different challenges. I began to feel that the methods I had always been taught to use were not, in some cases, meeting the dog’s needs and that I was not fully understanding what those needs were. This was never more so than when I took on two disabled dogs, one almost totally deaf, and the other blind from birth.  With both of these dogs, traditional training methods were incompatible


I had heard of a method of communicating with dogs in a way that they understood and after some research, I found Jan Fennell’s website. I was fascinated by Jan’s insight and understanding of the dog’s perception of our world, and amazed by how making simple changes to my behaviour could result in a level of understanding with my own dogs that I could previously only have dreamed of. This was what I had been looking for and so I undertook the full training course at the earliest opportunity.  

Of course, dogs with sensory disabilities present with quite specific needs but by implementing Amichien Bonding I was able to take their anxiety and confusion away and enable them to relax and put their trust in me. I have encountered many different types of behaviour over the years and embarked on many different methods of training.


Amichien Bonding is a different approach that, when correctly put into practice, results in the dog co-operating with its owner because it wants to – not because it is made to or forced to. It has given me a deep understanding of how to communicate successfully with my dogs and cater for their needs using kindness and encouragement. My mission is to help other owners to do the same, and to give them the tools with which to fulfil those needs thus achieving a happy household.

The fact that you have found my website and read this far tells me that, like me, you love your dog(s) and want the best for them.  Whatever canine behaviour is concerning you, by understanding the reason for that behaviour, it can be addressed in a simple and effective way.

I am happy to discuss the problems you are encountering, so please give me a call and we'll take it from there. 


Anthea Day

In memory of Henry my beautiful bloodhound


Gone from our sight but never our memories,

Gone from our touch but never our hearts.