Does Your Dog Have Anxiety?

Updated: May 6, 2020

I have just been reading an article in the Independent Newspaper titled “Majority of dogs suffer from anxiety, study finds”.

According to researchers, who studied the behaviours of more than 13,000 pet dogs in Finland, 72.5 per cent of the pups’ exhibit traits such as noise sensitivity, fearfulness, fear of surfaces and heights, inattention/impulsivity, compulsion, separation-related behaviour, or aggression.

Dogs are pack animals and in domesticating dogs, we have placed them in a world they don’t understand, and which doesn’t take into account their natural instincts of pack behaviour.

Most stressed behaviour occurs because the dog needs leadership and if it doesn’t recognise that in any of its human pack, then it tries to take on the role itself. However, in our modern world, there are a multitude of barriers to the dog’s instincts which result in anxiety and ultimately irrational or unacceptable behaviour.

Amichien Bonding gives us the ability to understand pack instincts and to put human behaviours in place that our dogs will recognise and respond to, thereby allowing them to relax and relinquish their perceived position of leadership.

Result? – Less stress and reduced anxiety.

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