How NOT to Train Your Dog!

Updated: May 6, 2020

I was recently made aware of an obedience trainer who was advocating taking a dog’s food away from them a couple of times during the dog’s meal as a way to ‘teach the dog who gives the orders’! I must admit this saddened me greatly. If a waiter in a restaurant took my plate away a couple of times during my meal, at best I would protest, and at worst would react by forcibly retrieving it! I like to eat undisturbed.

Some dogs will accept what is happening and show no reaction, some dogs will growl a warning and then we have an unnecessary confrontation. The last group of dogs will react by biting and who will then be blamed? Yes, you’ve got it – the dog!

We ask our dogs to respect us and we should respect our dogs in return. To do this we need to understand how they see the world and how the instincts of their wild ancestors are still very much alive and necessary to their survival.

There is no need to dominate and discipline our canine companions, we just need to understand their simple needs and work with their nature to achieve trust, willing co-operation, and a friend for life.

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